Tips on How to Manage Your Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain is caused by several ailments and injuries from accidents or acquired from other illnesses from birth or adulthood. Across the globe, a lot of individuals are suffering and still learning ways to manage their pain. Painkillers and medications are often the common cure and remedies given by doctors to patients who are suffering from different kinds of chronic pain. Suffering from chronic pain can result in loss of function to do day to day task and can cause low performance in work.  

Chronic Pain

Although there are a lot of cures and medications today that are used by patients suffering from chronic pain, there are also a lot of simple ways to manage it by simply doing healthy and non-medication related remedies to manage your chronic pain and maintain a productive lifestyle:  

Try Meditation and proper breathing exercises  

Meditation has been practiced since the ancient times to manage pain. It is through the process of relaxation and proper breathing that makes meditation and effective remedy to chronic pain. Meditation eases tension and regulates the blood flow in your body. It also helps you achieve a good amount of sleep. Proper breathing is part of meditation, and if you are not yet good at meditating, you can always start with proper breathing. Inhaling and exhaling are also a good way to relax your mind, muscles and also sooth your overall feeling. Your chronic pain can be triggered by tension and breathing slowly can help you relax and feel light. Do this as often as you can relieve the pain that you are experiencing.  

Regular Exercise  

Except if you have muscle related injuries that causes your chronic pain, then you can skip this remedy, but if you are suffering from chronic pain like a migraine, a good old regular exercise can help you manage and lessen the triggers of chronic pain. For women, who mostly experience migraine due to hormonal changes during the premenstrual syndrome, exercising a week before your period helps you to reduce PMS symptoms especially migraines. Hormones like endorphins or happy hormones increases when we exercise. Exercise produces natural endorphins which are mood boosting and energy boosting, plus it’s also a form of detoxification. Aside from managing pain, exercise can also reduce a lot of health risk such as high blood pressure and heart disease.   

Reduce stress stimulants  

Stress is a big factor that can trigger any kinds of chronic pain. It is also linked to a lot of diseases suffered by many individuals today. Stress from work, home and environment can cause your chronic pain to attack, so learn how to manage it or remove some of the stress stimulants that can trigger pain. Anger, anxiety and depressive feelings can highly increase your body’s sensitivity to pain. Stress cannot be avoided, but you can always manage it by relaxing and listening to your favorite music.  

It’s Unbearable! Seek Professional Help Now!  

Learning how to manage and cope with your chronic pain is good, however if the pain you are experiencing is way beyond the pain threshold chart then it’s time to:  

  • Call Your Doctor  
  • Seek Professional Help and Pain Management Medication like Pain Injections Spokane near you.  
  • Go back to your regular medication.  
  • And have a regular checkup.  

Always remember that natural remedies should always be approved by your physician to safely manage your chronic pain issues.  

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